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The BBBS program is one of the most effective methods of preventing delinquency and encouraging positive development of young people. This year our statistics showed:

  • 78% of children feel more socially accepted
  • 78% of children have increased their scholastic competency
  • 88% of children believe they will now finish school
  • 71% of children improved in their grades
  • 100% of children have avoided drugs
  • 82% of children have reported improvements in their family relationships
  • 100% of children avoided involvement the Juvenile Justice system

BBBS volunteers had the greatest impact in preventing alcohol and substance abuse, with minority boys and girls being the most strongly influenced (70% less likely than peers to initiate drug use). What makes our matches such a powerful influence on children’s life choices? The answer lies in the special mentoring approach of BBBS of carefully matching and supporting volunteers to suit a child’s developmental needs.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said, “This is the time to…get back to the task of building our children. No organization does it better than Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

Currently, President Obama endorses mentoring programs as a priority investment in our nation’s youth.