Your contribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Florida means that fewer children in your neighborhood will drop out of school, enter the juvenile justice system, or become involved in drugs, alcohol, or gang activity. Instead, more of those neighborhood kids will get better grades in school, discover their talents and abilities, develop goals for their future, make positive life choices, and pursue higher education.

We do not charge the participants who use our services. However, there is a financial cost to provide this program. Each donation goes directly toward matching a child in your community with a positive role model. Your donation allows the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to serve your community by employing staff who:

  • Provide crucial training to the volunteers, parents, and children. This contributes to the success of the match and also increases child safety.
  • Recruit new volunteers to become Big Brothers or Big Sisters that change the life of a child.
  • Interview, run background checks, check sexual predator data-base, references, visit the homes of potential volunteers, and more.
  • Get to know children and families through an interview process in order to identify the best possible match for a child.
  • Carefully match volunteers with children to establish a one-to-one mentoring relationship that will be positive and long-lasting.
  • Supervise the match by communicating with Bigs, Littles, and parents on a frequent and consistent basis. This communication nurtures a positive, safe and lasting relationship between the volunteer and the child and also increases child safety.

Please remember Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Florida when you consider worthy causes to support. We calculate that each match costs $1,200. A donation of any amount will be warmly received and help to fund impacting mentoring relationships.

Thank you for your support.