As part of our recruiting efforts for National Mentoring Month, we are trying to attract as many volunteers as possible to match with the children on our waiting list.  To help increase efforts of pairing matches, we would like to personalize our campaign by featuring pictures of potential Littles on our waiting list onto the website and newsletter.

Presently, we do not have enough mentors to meet the needs of all of our children effectively. Our vision is to provide mentors to all the children in our program that wants one.  Therefore, we are requesting from all parents of the children on our waiting list, photo submissions of their child or children in order to captivate the interest of potential volunteers and elicit their readiness in becoming mentors.  By publishing this promotion, viewers can place a face of a child benefiting from having a Big Brother or Big Sister.  It is our intention to get as many applicants as possible so we can match all of our children on our waiting list.  Your participation is crucial in helping us convey our message.

If interested in submitting a photo, please do so as soon as possible. Please provide the child’s name, age and phone # for our references. Names will not appear on the publication.  Photo submissions can be mailed to 1155 Northwest 13th Street Gainesville, FL 32601, attention Ada Del Gais.  Call us if you have any questions at 352.375.2525.