These are just two of the 285 children that we currently have on our waiting list and they are ready to be paired with positive role models today. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister, and help us make a lasting impact on their lives with one-on-one mentoring relationships. Hundreds of children have already benefited from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Please help us give these children an opportunity to experience the joy that comes along with this life-changing friendship.

Graham  is a bright 8 year old and is currently in the 2nd grade at an Elementary school here in Alachua County. Some of the things that Graham likes to do are ride his scooter, play on his nanny’s IPad and hang out with his friends. He likes going to school and his favorite subject is Math. He describes himself as fun, smart and protective. Graham would like a Big Brother who is similar to him and who will be nice to him, fun to play with, and watch over him when his nanny is not available.

Elijah is a very sweet and energetic 14 year old boy who is currently in the 8th grade at a Middle School here in Alachua County. Elijah describes himself as being kind and funny. His interests include watching television, playing video games, riding his bike, playing basketball and other outdoor activities. His favorite subject is Math but he needs extra help in Language Arts and Reading. Elijah would love to have a Big Brother who could spend one-on-one time with him while participating is some of the activities he enjoys and also help him improve in his academics.