Every day we meet new people having no idea the role they will play in our lives. This is much like what happens when a Big is matched with a Little, you never really know the end outcome. Patrick and Andrew were reached about four years ago. Their match has technically closed due to Patrick relocating for Grad school, but that has done little to halt their friendship. “Andrew and I plan on staying friends for life. “ Patrick says he initially wanted to become a Big because of his own experience as a child of divorce, “I was fortunate that my mother met a wonderful man, who became an amazing step-father and friend to me. So many children, however, aren’t presented with opportunities and advantages that I had myself.”

Though Patrick and Andrew have done many activities together, “the most memorable times have been talking to him mano a mano, about life, and the world, and people, and trying to clue him in a little bit on how big the world can get, and how fast life can start to move.” It is the small things that count. Another BIG event the two have shared is the wedding of Patrick and his now-wife. Patrick recently got married on Oct. 15, 2011, and when it came time to pick his groomsmen, Andrew was an obvious choice. “Andrew hasn’t merely been a mentee to me. He’s also been a friend that I’ve spent no small amount of time with–he’s my little buddy. It was a ‘no-brainer.’” Andrew might even have stolen the show as he walked Patrick’s grandmother down the aisle “he was incredibly handsome (according to all the ladies).” Andrew’s mother says he thoroughly enjoyed it and was surprisingly not nervous.

Andrew’s mother, Jennifer, says that Patrick is not just a mentor but rather family. “We love Patrick.” She is very appreciative of Patrick’s role in Andrew’s life as a male figure. “Patrick always makes time for Andrew when he calls, which is special,” exclaims Jennifer. For this reason, Jennifer wants to be sure that people realize that these Big Little relationships can turn out to be something more, and even when a match is closed, a friendship and mentorship can continue to last and flourish forever. Of this experience, Patrick says, “It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had the privilege of taking part in.”